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2016 Program


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Genderful Self


Democracy Forum


Workshop Description

This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to break down some basic gender terms, reflect on their own gender, and explore gender issues in the Nikkei community. The workshop will also provide time to do some creative writing. By the end of the workshop, participants will come out with less stereotypes and more understanding of a gender spectrum.


Workshop Presenters

Rey Fukuda Salinas (pronouns: he/them) is currently the Project Manager and Planner of Little Tokyo Service Center, with a focus on the Little Tokyo Area. He was formerly with the East LA Community Corporation for 5 years, starting off as a Metro Campaign Lead Organizer, and then a Project Manager focusing on equitable transit oriented development. He's passionate about community organizing against white supremacy and patriarchy, cooking, and making music/art/connections.


Ryka Aoki (See Closing for Bio)

Allyship Teach-In




Workshop Description

This workshop will give participants the opportunity to collectively develop strategies to become better allies to people with marginalized identities, including analyzing their own power and privilege through group activities to brainstorm ways to address and dismantle oppression. At the end of the workshop, there will be a brief Q&A, and time to share community resources.


Workshop Presenters

Audrey Kuo (See LGBTQIA 101 for Bio)


Tanya Edmilao (pronouns: she/her) is passionate about social justice and empowering Asian Pacific Islander (API) community. As Co-Chair of the Committee on Outreach, Recruitment, and Education at API Equality-Los Angeles, she has been able to mobilize and educate the overall API community to achieve LGBTQ equality and racial and social justice. Additionally, she is the Programs Coordinator at Center for Asians Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE), an organization dedicated to the political and civic empowerment of the API community through leadership development, voter outreach and education. Tanya enjoys endless laughs, silly puns and spending as much time as s

Intergenerational Trauma and Healing


Democracy Lab


Workshop Description

The focus of this workshop will be to explore what cultural/familial trauma looks like in the Nikkei diaspora here in the US. We will examine salient factors that have shaped the communal experience of trauma to identify what trauma is and how it has played out in our community in relation to LGBT JA people. The workshop will be activity based, participants will dialogue in small groups and share with each other at large. Facilitators will provide a framework, definitions, and context for a rich discussion.


Workshop Facilitators

Eric Arimoto  (See Lunchtime Plenary: Intergenerational and Intersectional Connections for Bio) and Ray Fernandez (See Let’s Talk About Sex Workshop for Bio)

Our Journeys to Acceptance and Love




Workshop Description

The goal of this workshop is to provide information to help participants understand some of the challenges that Nikkei parents face when their children come out. This workshop will also provide an opportunity for participants to understand some of the good practices in navigating this journey to keep families connected. Lastly, this space will provide participants a space to share stories thereby raising awareness, compassion, patience and openness to a topic not often discussed in Nikkei families.


Workshop Presenters


Marsha Aizumi (See Introduction for Bio)


Karen (pronouns: she/her) and Glenn Murakami (pronouns: he/him) are third-generation (Sansei) Japanese-Americans, residents of Torrance, California, and proud parents of two gay sons, Derek (30) and Kyle (28). Since their sons came out in 2013, their journey has been educating themselves about LGBTQ issues and how the Christian church has marginalized LGBTQ individuals. This road has led them to form the Open Arms Support Group at their church to provide a safe and inclusive environment, as well as educational opportunities. They are also starting to explore what it means for their church, Faith United Methodist Church, to become a reconciling church. Karen is a Program Manager at Toyota and Glenn is a Credit Administrator for CTBC Bank.


Michelle Honda-Phillips (See Introduction for Bio)