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Networking or Little Tokyo Walking Tour

Networking & Self-Organized Open Space

Want to connect with someone you heard from earlier in the day? Interested in finding out more about the awesome work that they do, or collaborating with them in the future? Want to catch up with other attendees you haven’t seen in awhile? Want to organize your own breakout or caucus with people you share identities with and/or want to have specific conversations with?

Enjoy some snacks and use this time to meet and reconnect with other attendees!

Walking Tour of Little Tokyo

The Little Tokyo tour provides an opportunity to explore and understand the importance of preserving a 130 year-old community. Little Tokyo is the oldest neighborhood in Los Angeles and one of three remaining Japantowns in the nation.  The tour will focus on the important role that community activism has played in defining the community, and the continuing importance of activism in building a future for Little Tokyo in the midst of gentrification and downtown development.

Alan Nishio (pronouns: he/him) has been involved in Little Tokyo for almost fifty years. In the 1960’s, Alan was involved in the fight against the redevelopment of Little Tokyo and the forced eviction of many low income seniors on fixed incomes. Since that time, he has continued his involvement in Little Tokyo and currently serves on the board of directors of the Little Tokyo Service Center and the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. Alan also works actively with Kizuna, an organization working to build a new generation of stakeholders in the Nikkei community. Alan retired from California State University, Long Beach after a career serving as the Associate Vice President of Student Services and teaching in the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies. Alan was a founder and co-chair of the National Coalition of Redress/Reparations, an organization that played a significant role in the redress campaign for Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II.  Alan is also a past president of the California Conference for Equality and Justice, a leading human relations organization in the state.

Kristin Fukushima (pronouns: she/her) is the Project Manager for Sustainable Little Tokyo – the community-driven, neighborhood-based initiative to sustain Little Tokyo for future generations in which sustainability is defined environmentally, economically, and culturally/historically. She is also the co-chair for the Planning and Cultural Preservation Committee for the Little Tokyo Community Council, which focuses on land use and built environment issues throughout Little Tokyo for LTCC, as the coalition of businesses, residents, nonprofits, and other stakeholders representing the Little Tokyo community. Kristin is part of LTroots, a young adult organization in Little Tokyo, and a co-founder of Kizuna - a Japanese American youth development and empowerment organization in Southern California.

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